AirSelfie AIR PIX Portable Pocket-Size 5MP HD Flying Camera, Smartphone Control


  • Camera Included: Includes FPV Flight Camera
  • Configuration: Drone with Camera
  • Drone Type: Quadcopters
  • Gimbal Option: No Gimbal

About Air Selfie AIR PIX

Taking stunning aerial HD selfie photos and video while you remain completely immersed in your life is easy with AIR PIX from AirSelfie. The intuitively designed “one-touch” app allows anyone to take photos for video, edit images and then instantly share them on your favourite social media platform seamlessly from your iOS or Android smartphone. Apple users can also live stream their adventures straight from the app to Facebook and YouTube. You can choose between 3 easy ways to pilot your AIR PIX:

– One-Touch Autonomous Flight: In this auto-fly mode AIR PIX flies itself on a pre-set path while taking 5, 10 or 15 photos or continuous video

– Gesture-Control Flying: Fly AIR PIX using simple gestures and movements without a connection to a smartphone

– App-Control Flight: Intuitively fly AIR PIX by using familiar swipes with the joystick on the control panel in the app

AIR PIX is your own personal aerial photographer following you around and capturing your life from heights and angles impossible with a hand-held camera. definition video hands-free from the air and then instantly share them on their favorite social media platforms. With One-Touch autonomous flight, simple manual app piloting or through gesture control users can easily shoot HD photos and video.

The new, incredibly easy to use AirSelfie app features a full suite of image editing functions including: cropping, rotating, zoom and color-correcting plus filters and/or stickers for personal customization. The app also allows users to seamlessly post their one-of-a-kind images and video to their social media pages and iOS users can live stream to YouTube and Facebook.

Changing personal photography forever
Take crystal clear and colorful selfie photos and video with this revolutionary aerial camera that are impossible to get with a handheld camera.

• 12 Megapixel High Resolution
• 70 Degree FOV Wide Angle Lens
• Full 1080P High Definition Video at 30fps
• Removable 8GB Micro SD Card

Small, feather-light design
AIR PIX is your own personal photographer that can go where ever you go. Just slip it into your pocket and you’re ready to take amazing selfies everywhere your life takes you.

• Measuring only 102mm x 85mm x 13mm (4.01″ x 3.34″ x 0.51″) AIR PIX is smaller than an iPhone X.
• Ultra-light chassis weighs less than 52gr (1.83oz) about the same as a golf ball
• So lightweight AIR PIX does not have to be registered with any agency to fly.

The easiest aerial camera ever
Now anyone can take stunning aerial selfie photos and video with 3 easy

• One-Touch autonomous flight allows you to launch, fly and take selfies with the push of a button. Using “Capture Me” technology AIR PIX flies 3 to 5 feet away, finds you and takes 5, 10 or 15 photos or continuous video and then returns to you all by itself. Select 360 Degree Mode and AIR PIX flies several feet away and takes multiple photos or video while rotating to capture everything around you. ways to pilot AIR PIX.
• SYNControl allows you to pilot and take selfie photos or video without a connection to your smartphone using simple gestures and movements.
• The highly intuitive app allows you to fly AIR PIX manually also through simple, familiar swipes of the joystick.

The perfect selfie machine
Never before have you been able to stay completely immersed in your life while your personal photographer captures every moment while you live it.

• 60′ (18.2m) flight range keeps AIR PIX close to capture every detail and far enough away to make sure every thing and every one is in the shot.
• 6+ Minute flight time allows AIR PIX to take hundreds of selfies before recharging.
• The enAIRgy power bank dock keeps AIR PIX all charged up. Slip AIR PIX in the dock, slip the dock in your pocket and you’re ready to go.

Italian design, ingenious engineering
The AIR PIX clean, exquisite Italian design is the perfect harmony of form and function.

• Encased propellors are protected from external damage and make AIR PIX safe to fly indoors and land in your hand.
• Four brushed motors and proportionately large propellors ensure consistent, balanced flight.
• State-of-the-art Smooth Air technology uses visual positioning and optical flow sensors to eliminate drift and the internal barometer maintains vertical stabilization.

New apple and android compatible app
The intuitive, easy to use AirSelfie app pairs with the AIR PIX aerial camera through a 2.4GHz self-generated wi-fi connection putting piloting, shooting, editing and sharing control at your fingertips.

• Instantly and seamlessly share your selfie photos and video to your favorite social media platforms directly from the app.
• Full image editing suite features cropping, rotating, zoom and color correcting functions plus filters and stickers to customize your photos any way you want.
• Apple iOS users can live stream directly to YouTube channels and Facebook pages.

Air Selfie AIR PIX Features

  • Pocket-sized, ultra-light aerial camera
  • One-touch app for autonomous flight
  • Simple app-free gesture control
  • 12 megapixel photos 1080p/30 fps video
  • Quick and easy sharing on social media
  • Removable 8GB of memory