UDI RC U28-1 FPV Quadcopter with Camera & Controller, Black/White


  • Camera Included: Includes FPV Flight Camera
  • Configuration: Drone with Camera
  • Drone Type: Quadcopters

About UDI RC U28-1

For great aerial photography and video capture, high-performance flight maneuvers, and ease of use, UDI’s U28W is what you’re after. The drone has one-touch takeoff and landing controls, altitude sensors to maintain its position, and the best feature of all at this pricepoint: First-Person View (FPV) video feed and flight telemetry data, which is transmitted during flight to the screen on the handheld controller, allowing you to see what the drone sees while you fly it.

Flight Performance
The 3.7v 500mAh battery gives you 5-7 minutes of flight time with each charge, and the four high-performance prop motors are responsive and strong enough to maintain stability in light winds. The controls are intuitive, allowing people of all skill levels to pilot the drone, and thanks to the navigation and position sensors, it can fly itself on a set heading to the end of the control range (40 meters, unobstructed). Indoor hovering is enabled by default as well, making it safe to fly both inside and outside.

Radio Controller
The controller for this drone is a handheld unit that includes a color LCD screen and several function-specific buttons.
• One-button takeoff
• One-button landing
• Emergency Stop (motor kill switch in case of a crash)

Photo & Video
The RC controller has a 4.3″ color LCD screen where the flight camera streams footage as the drone is flying. The flight cam captures 720p footage as well as still photos, recording everything on an SD card up to 32GB in size. The control range is up to 40 meters indoors or outdoors.